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Using Whaly Guides

People are using data daily through their personal lives to make better decisions—from which product to eat, to monitoring exercise and health condition, and managing their personal budget. Almost everybody is already using data to make their life a better life and to take the decisions that will make them reach their goals.
But getting data adopted in your organization or team isn't that simple. You need to deeply understand where and when people need data and how they will use it, then make relevant data accessible at those key times. Everyone says they would love to be a data-driven organization, but the reality is that most companies are still in the early stages of embracing modern data and analytics.
With its prescriptive, proven, and actionable guides, Whaly guides curates the best practices and expertise of data driven companies to help you, your team, and your organization become more data-driven.
Depending on the scope, size, and maturity of your data project, specific guides will be more suited for your current requirements. Our set of guides provides relevant starting points for organizations, teams, and individuals. ⤵️


For most organizations, it is rare to begin with a fresh start. When deploying your Business Intelligence project, you'll encounter many existing processes and workflow where people share insights and data with disparate processes and tools. Like someone that is filling a spreadsheet every now and then to produce a report before a board meeting.
Switching your organization to a Self Service Business Intelligence platform requires a shift of culture to better centralize, govern and adopt data consumption at scale. It comes with the deployment of new processes and by assigning the proper roles and responsabilities to your team members.
Our Core Concepts section will help you understand how your organization should be managing your Business Intelligence project, how everything will be layered down and integrated with your existing and future Data Stack. All that to help you deploy a robust process to deliver a proper and trusted experience to all your stakeholders.
Whether your organization is new to modern data analysis or you’ve already deployed and need to broaden, deepen, and scale the use of your data, Whaly guides allows you to take a step back to see the big picture of what’s ahead, and it allows you to zoom in on a specific topic to fine tune and improve any relevant point.


For smaller teams or workgroups that are not part of a company-wide initiative, it is important to understand how data is used today and which skills exist among your team mates. Your initial focus should be to understand how to quickly deliver projects with a real business impact. This is why we're offering you our Recipes guides to help you bootstrap your Business Intelligence projects with a set of down to earth guides to deploy Use Cases.


Individuals will benefit from our training guides that will help them understand all the capabilities of their Business Intelligence platform so that they can build, share and extract useful knowledge from their business data to produce better decisions.