Supervision of the delivery of external marketing agency

Relying on an external marketing agency is a great way to delegate operational work (campaign management, landing page design, etc.) to focus on your core operations, however it comes with many challenges.

When doing so, it’s not easy to understand what the agency is doing, the only available information is what the agency is telling you and it’s hard to know if there are things that your agency is not telling you. Most often, the agency is biased for different reasons.

Whaly users that build an agency supervision dashboard can ensure that the agency is doing the work they promise to do and raise alerts whenever there is something weird coming up in their delivery.

It’s a great tool to build trust in the relationship with the external marketing agency, it provides more control on what is being done and more knowledge on how the marketing efforts are working and what should be improved.

Identify the campaigns that generate no revenue

Standard Marketing reports that you find in all marketing platform are tracking are good, but they are focused on the “top of the funnel”. This means that the “conversions / actions” that many people track in their Marketing dashboard are things like “a form was completed”, “a sales call was booked”, etc. Those are easy to track and happens quickly after the campaign is run, but they don't bring more revenue right away.

It is especially true for company with a long sales lifecycle.

Whaly users that are bridging their marketing analysis with their “bottom of the funnel” (e.g. CRM data: Deal Won / Revenue) are realising that some marketing channels have very low conversion rate in their sales funnel and are bringing a very small revenue in the end while the initial conversion was promising.

Whaly users using those analysis were able to give the proper feedback to their marketing team and re-orient their marketing strategy and channels to more “revenue impactful” ones.

Customer Acquisition Cost per channel for budgeting / business planning purposes

When planning the marketing budget for next year, Whaly users are finding it really useful to analyse their past year performance, understand the channels on which they want to focus and the associated customer acquisition cost.

Alongside their growth objective, this is helping them plan how much marketing budget they will need.

It’s giving them better control over their budget planning and they can do it in an efficient manner based on what they already have built instead of creating single usage spreadsheets.

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