BDR campaign preparation when reaching out to prospects in the same region

For companies that sell to business that have a strong local presence, such as stores or industrial sites those businesses have a strong local network. They know very well the other businesses that are near them (same city, street or industrial zone).

Hence, when preparing a local BDR campaign, it's important to select the testimonials of customers that are near the campaign target to improve the efficiency of the testimonial.

That's why people are building maps of their current customers and share it with their BDR team so that they can select the best customer to cite in their pitch during their campaigns.

Sales tour preparation

For some sales cycle, organising a sales tour that takes prospects to current customers location to show them in situ how the solution is working can be game changer to close deals.

In order to efficiently organise such tours, the sales team need to have an up to date view of current customers, of their engagement level and satisfaction on a map. This way, the sales team can easily identify, for a given prospect, the best customer (e.g. close and happy) to visit during the tour.

Weekly sales review

The weekly sales review is the key ritual for the sales team to communicate its common goals, current progress and talk about what is happening. Sales teams that are doing it with a dedicated dashboards find it easier to communicate on the topics that matters and keep everyone engaged.

Pipeline conversion rate analysis

Most Whaly users are tracking their conversion rate per stage in time to be sure that their Sales process is becoming more and more effective in time.

As the Pipeline performance is always changing (new marketing budgets, angles, new go-to-market, new employees) bottlenecks can be created very fast and the faster the corrective actions are taken (sales coaching, change of pitch / demo, adjustment of the sales process, new hires to do, etc.) the better the overall pipeline throughput will be.

Whaly users monitoring their conversion rate are reporting that they can identify issues in under a week using their dashboards while it would have taken them months before. It's helping them to reach their Sales quota.

Pipeline health monitoring

We all love to see a big booking volume in our pipeline stages, but reality is that a lot of opportunities are slipping away because we forgot to engage them enough.

Whaly users that monitor the Deal Age of their deals in their stages can act more quickly to prevent them from going stale and are increasing their conversion rate.

They are bringing more revenue thanks to this analysis as their pipeline is getting healthier. They can ping the Sales rep that are letting their Deal untouched more easily.

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