Customer Segmentation analysis

Whaly customers are segmenting their customer base (ex. VIP / Regular / Low tier) and then check all their key metrics for each segment:

  • LTV

  • Acquisition cost

  • Current portion of the revenue vs the total revenue

  • ...

Those strategic analysis is giving them a good set of indicators to decide to focus on a specific segment that show great potential or to de-priorise/drop customers segments that bring low revenue.

Whaly users have used such analysis to change their growth strategy focus on high margin customers segments and drop the customers that were slowing them down.

MRR report and cohort expansion

For SaaS companies, building their MRR report is giving them a better vision over their most important metric which is tied to their revenue and valuation.

Having a cohort view let Whaly users checks that they know how to β€œexpand” into existing customers which is a key element of their growth.

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