Billing / Invoicing

Shared dashboard to external accountant

When using an external accountant to generate invoices, Whaly users are using a shared dashboard to communicate on the invoices that should be created.

This way, the communication with the external accountant is automatic and the information is always live, the customer is no longer having long chains of emails to ask for each invoices to be created.

Matching invoices between billing system and the CRM

When invoices are generated manually, it’s common that some are slipping away for many reasons (people forget, holidays, people are swamped with work and invoices are not the priority, etc.).

However, when sending the invoices late, the risk of never getting the money increase. It’s also hard for the customer when he is billed later as sometimes he didn’t foresee the cash need in advance and it can get tricky, especially with small companies.

That’s why Whaly customers are doing a reconciliation between their CRM (what should be billed) and their invoicing system (what have been billed) to identify the discrepencies and alert the proper team members to ask them to issue the invoice that they forgot as soon as possible.

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