Data stack architecture

A Data Stack is a set of "layers" that are processing your data through the entire pipeline from extraction to consumption. This stack is needed in order to collect, store, transform, query and offer data to stakeholders so that they can extract useful information and make better decision.

The vendors you select for the different layer of your stack will evolve based on your business needs (number of stakeholders, current data adoption, overall trust and data skills of your team) and on your data (volume, origin, quality). Don't see your stack as being a "frozen/static" setup but more an ever evolving organism.

What is important to understand is that the layers that compose the stack are independent of the set of vendors that compose your stack at a given moment.

Here is a simplified view of a common data stack.

Why so many layers?

The rationale behind a data stack is the following:

a. Data needs to be extracted and loaded into a "Storage layer" that is designed for Data blending and analysis, called a "Data Warehouse" is needed to consolidate all your data data.

b. To feed this central storage layer, an "Extraction layer" is needed to connect to the siloed apps of your business that are producing the data (CRM, Finance, Database).

c. The data coming from your Business Apps needs to be cleaned and abstracted before being served to end users. This is what is achieved in the "Transform Layer"

d. Your stakeholders (C-Levels/Managers/Data Analysts/Data Scientists...) need the proper tools to consume the cleaned and consolidated data. As they all have different jobs, responsibilities and skills, they need different set of tools to get access to their data. This is the "Consumption Layer".

Where is Whaly positioned in the Data Stack?

Whaly is your Business Intelligence. It is part of the Consumption layer. The Business Intelligence is the main data access point for your whole company. It contains a set of curated Dashboards / Questions and Explorations that are easy to use interfaces to answer quickly to most questions asked in your Business.

The Business Intelligence is the most adopted tool of the Consumption Layer as everyone can use it across your organization. Hence it is the cornerstone of your data consumption layer where C-Levels, Engineers, Data Practitioners and regular users meet. The other tools of the consumption layer will be specialized tool for dedicated teams (Data Scientist, Engineers, ...).

About Whaly integrated modelling layer and connectors

In order to help you speed up your Business Intelligence projects deployment, Whaly offers "enablers" in the form of a modelling layer and integrated connectors. Those "enablers" can have an overlap with some existing vendors/components of your data stack, and can be replaced when/if you need to.

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