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Whaly users are reporting the usage of ChatGPT to help builders to generate SQL queries to build models faster in the workbench.
Some users even built a tool to feed the schema of the tables into their ChatGPT request so that ChatGPT answers are more accurate.

Data coaching

Whaly customers with a small data team (<3 people) are taking a “Data Mentor” that give 1h per week and find it a great way to speed up the team learning and deployment of the use cases. Those mentors are helping on the tech side as they have a good knowledge of the existing tooling (dbt, SQL, …) as well as the effective processes and organisation to run a data team efficiently and maximise the impact of the Data team.

Objectives tracking

Many Whaly users are importing team and individual objectives on their charts to show the completion rate of their goal. This is helpful to set:
  • Daily/Weekly cadence objectives
  • Quarterly strategic initiative