📚Getting started

Getting started is really easy once you've understood the core concepts of the platform. Let's have a look.

Using Whaly, you will be able to use three different spaces, each one with different focus :

  • The workspace allows you to create and consult dashboards

  • The workbench is where you will import & model your data

  • The settings is targeted for admins operations, such as managing user access and permission.

To switch between apps, you can use the app switcher available on every page of the platform:

Workflow for building dashboards

Creating dashboards on the platform is based on a simple workflow :

  1. Get your analytics data : import your data into whaly and optionally create data models to get started

  2. Build explorations : build explorations to start asking question questions on your data

  3. Create dashboards : use your explorations to create charts and dashboards

Deep dive into the core concepts

Once you've understood the basis of the platform, it is recommended you read through the rest of the core concepts article.

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