License Mapping

License type defines the features and functionality available when using Whaly. It's important to successfully deploy your data project to assign the right licenses to the right stakeholders.

Whaly offers 3 main licenses:

  1. Builder: Users who connect data sources, create models and define explorations

  2. Editor: Users who create dashboards and questions

  3. Viewer: Users who consume already existing dashboards, questions and exploration. However, everything is read-only for those.

A typical Whaly deployment is using the following License mapping with the organisation:


Required skills

  • Understand the Data Stack architecture and how to operate its different parts

  • Strong spreadsheet experience or SQL knowledge

Typical audience

  • Everyone from the Data team (Data engineers, Data analysts, Analytics engineers, ...)

  • Data driven individuals that are operating the data setup of their team (SalesOps / Growth engineers / ...)


Required skills

  • Understand how to build an effective dashboards

  • Understand how to answer a question with the Metrics / Dimensions model or has experience with a spreadsheet pivot table

Typical audience

  • Any data driven individual (Engineer, Product Manager, Ops, ...)

  • Team leaders that want to build dashboards to run their team


Required skills

  • Understand how to read a dashboard and use filters

Typical audience

  • Everyone in the company that isn't an Editor or a Builder already

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