Customer success

Dashboards to animate customers reviews meetings

Customers Success teams are using Whaly to build dashboards reporting their customers metrics and are using those to drive “Customer review meetings / Quaterly Business Reviews”.

Sharing a dashboard that surface the usage of your product to your customers is a great way to orient the discussions and be sure to not leave any topic on the table.

It brings more awareness to the customers about their current usage (they know it less than what you would expect) and is a great tool for the customers success team so that they can ask the proper question to understand how the product is being used, why, and how to boost its usage and identify expansion opportunities.

Fraud detection

When having a lot of users, you always will find some that will try to profit from your company. Rather they find a hole in your system to make you pay them or they benefit too much of a service and go beyond limits.

That’s why some Whaly users have “suspicious activity” dashboards to be able to identify any customer misbehaviour and investigate on them.

Maybe it’s something OK and you learned something new, and maybe the user account need to be suspended / blocked, but the sooner the customer success team can identify those troublemakers, the better your organisation is.

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