Creating a chart

Objectives: in this first exercise we will learn on to duplicate a tile, how the exploration page work and how to create basic chart.

Duplicating a tile

In the first step we will duplicate our "Order per week" tile. To do so:

  1. Open the Training report

  2. In edit mode, click on duplicate tile.

  3. On the new tile, open the submenu and click on "Edit tile"

Using the exploration page

We are now on the exploration page. You can think of this page as the dynamic chart screen in excel. This page is structured with three panels:

  1. On the left, you will find the exploration content. It contains metrics (in blue), a dimensions (in green).

  2. On the middle, you will find :

    1. The query visualisation : this is where you query will be turned into a chart

    2. The breakdown where you will find the aggregated data that was used to build a chart

  3. On the right, you will find :

    1. The query builder, where we will use the measures and dimensions we have at our disposal in order to ask a question on our data

    2. The chart options, allowing use to customise the look of our chart. The options will change based on the type of chart you want to display

Creating our number of order by status chart

The exercise wants to create the following chart :

Add Order breakdown per Order status

To do it based on our initial chart, this is quite simple:

  1. Group your visualisation using the "Status" dimension

  2. Change the chart type to "Stacked bar chart" under timeserie

  3. Click on run query

  4. Click on update tile

That's it 🎉 Our chart now represents the number of order grouped by week and by order status. Let's move on the next exercise to learn more about metrics and calculated metrics.

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